About Us

A dedicated Microsoft technology ally leading the charge with cutting-edge solutions.

Our singular mission: to collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your transition to the Cloud services brings meaningful benefits to your organisation.

InfraShift Solutions strength lies not only in our technical expertise but also in our commitment to transformation, partnership, and clarity. We take pride in our collaborative approach, joining forces with you to drive business innovation.

Our deep-rooted dedication and technical acumen guide us in crafting solutions tailored to your organisation’s and users’ specific needs. We aim to transition you from outdated technologies and methodologies to the modern digital era. Through thorough discussions, we collaborate with you to plan, design, and implement solutions that boost efficiency, foster better communication, strengthen teamwork, and uplift your team. InfraShift is a leading IT Consulting firm in UK.

At InfraShift Solutions, we prioritize fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels appreciated and heard. We value each team member, recognizing that a positive company culture directly influences the calibre of services we give the best cloud services to our clients.

Our belief is simple: when our team members are content and feel their contributions matter, it results in superior digital transformation results for the businesses we collaborate with. Central to our hiring process is ensuring a cultural alignment. Our esteemed standing in the tech realm continues to draw top-tier professionals, fervently dedicated to delivering top Microsoft Cloud security solutions for our clientele.

As a dedicated partner, we share a tight bond with the Microsoft team.

We are committed to preserving this connection, promptly addressing co-sell referrals, staying abreast of advancements at Microsoft, and ensuring a seamless flow of updates between our teams.

Our collaboration with Microsoft is aimed at leveraging our collective strengths to enable individuals and organisations worldwide to realize their full potential. We have helped many business to perform well through our secure Microsoft cloud services.

We recognise that the path to building a successful business is challenging, demanding a significant amount of time, effort, expertise, and exemplary customer service to establish a reputable brand. Hence, selecting an ideal partner to accompany you on your digital transformation voyage is crucial.

At InfraShift Solutions, our aspiration is to ensure that each interaction our customers share with us is favourable, not merely because it’s commercially prudent, but because we genuinely care. We wholeheartedly embrace our role as your IT service provider and digital transformation ally, and your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Thus, as a InfraShift Solutions patron, here’s our commitment to you…

  • To enhance your internal communication channels, fostering optimal productivity and cooperative work environment irrespective of geographical locations.
  • To transition your IT division from merely “maintaining the status quo” to adopting a more strategic approach in their endeavours.
  • To safeguard your precious data against any potential loss or unauthorized access.
  • To furnish you with the ability to scale your solutions either up or down swiftly, effortlessly, and in alignment with your business needs.
  • To aid you in harnessing your data effectively for insightful business deliberations.
  • To modernize your unique business processes into contemporary applications, incorporating automation to streamline operations.

Tech Locales: Our Digital Footprint Across the UK

Infrashift - Managed Service London


The pulsing heart of the UK's tech scene and a global metropolis where tradition meets tomorrow. Our IT presence in this iconic city encompasses comprehensive support, advanced MSP services, seamless Azure cloud deployments, and agile DevOps processes. We're crafting the future of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) amidst London's storied streets and relentless innovation

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Infrashift - Managed Service Birmingham


A vibrant nexus of commerce and culture, where our IT expertise meets the city’s industrial spirit. From bespoke IT support to pioneering managed services, our Azure and DevOps solutions are as forward-thinking as Birmingham's own innovative drive. We're building robust IaC frameworks in a city that's always powering ahead.

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Infrashift - Managed Service Manchester


A beacon of innovation and the birthplace of the industrial revolution now leading the digital revolution. Our presence in Manchester extends beyond IT support, encompassing comprehensive MSP services, Azure cloud mastery, and DevOps efficiency. We're at the vanguard of Infrastructure as Code, contributing to the city's reputation as a powerhouse of technological advancement.

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Infrashift - Managed Service Southampton


Southampton: A historic port city that's steering the helm of innovation. As an IT hub specialising in support, managed services, Azure cloud solutions, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we connect the city’s maritime legacy with the digital future.

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Infrashift - Managed Service Leeds


A city where a rich industrial history paves the way for digital transformation. In Leeds, we deliver expert IT support and MSP services, underpin the city’s tech sector with cutting-edge Azure solutions, and drive progress with sophisticated DevOps and IaC strategies. We’re at the forefront, ensuring the digital infrastructure is as resilient and dynamic as Leeds itself.

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Infrashift - Managed Service Glasgow


A city that blends the grandeur of Victorian architecture with cutting-edge technology. In the heart of Scotland’s largest city, our IT expertise shines, delivering top-notch support, Azure cloud integration, and DevOps innovation. We champion Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in a place famed for its dynamic culture and robust industry.

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