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The Growing Need for Expert Managed IT Services

In today’s digital era, managing IT effectively is key to your company’s success. InfraShift Solutions excels in navigating these global tech challenges, offering bespoke managed IT services in UK. We provide specialised advice, hands-on management of IT infrastructures, and align our services with your business objectives. With our vigilant monitoring and enhancement, we transform your IT from a mere support element to a cornerstone of business growth, ensuring your venture thrives amidst tech complexities with our unwavering support and forward momentum. Our Expertise in managed services which will boost your business.

Managed Services for Azure

InfraShift Solutions Services

Managed Services for Office 365

Experience seamless and efficient Office 365 management with our comprehensive managed IT services. Our team of experts ensures your Office 365 environment is fully optimized, secure, and aligned with your business needs, delivering a superior user experience and enhanced productivity.

Proactive Office 365 Management

Our managed services include proactive support and optimization for your Office 365 tenant, focusing on aligning its functionality with your business objectives. We actively manage and optimize Office 365 settings and features to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Managed Office 365 Migration

We provide managed migration services for Office 365, ensuring a seamless transition that minimizes downtime and integrates smoothly with your existing systems. Our team manages every aspect of the migration process, providing expert guidance and support throughout.

Office 365 Security Management

Security and compliance are integral parts of our managed services for Office 365. We implement and manage advanced security protocols and compliance strategies to protect your data and ensure your Office 365 setup adheres to relevant regulations.

Managed Services for Azure Cloud

Unlock the full potential of Azure Cloud with our managed services. We offer meticulous management of your Azure infrastructure, ensuring peak performance, security, and cost efficiency. Our approach is tailored to support your business’s growth and scalability in the cloud. Our aim is to provide the best Azure Cloud managed service which help to lead your business.

Azure Infrastructure Management

Our Azure managed services include comprehensive management of your Azure infrastructure, encompassing regular monitoring, maintenance, and updates to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Cost Management and Optimization

We offer strategic Azure cost management services, analyzing and implementing cost-saving measures while maintaining high-quality service. Our focus is on maximizing your return on investment in the Azure cloud

Azure Disaster Recovery Planning

As part of our managed services, we develop and implement disaster recovery plans for Azure environments, ensuring business continuity and resilience against potential disruptions.

Managed Services for Azure DevOps

Elevate your software development lifecycle with our Azure DevOps managed services. We specialize in optimizing CI/CD processes, automating workflows, and ensuring continuous performance management, driving efficiency and quality in your DevOps practices.

CI/CD Management and Optimization

Our managed services extend to the implementation and optimization of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes in Azure DevOps. We focus on enhancing the efficiency and quality of software delivery.

Workflow Automation and Customization

We provide customized automation solutions as part of our managed services, streamlining your Azure DevOps workflows to improve efficiency and meet specific business requirements.

Ongoing DevOps Performance Management

Continuous performance monitoring and management are key components of our Azure DevOps managed services. We ensure your DevOps practices are consistently aligned with your business goals and deliver optimal results.

Our customers trust us to keep their businesses secure, here’s why.

In the dynamic UK cloud adoption landscape, InfraShift emerges as a leader in innovation and cloud expertise. We are recognized by top enterprises for our skill in managing complex cloud transitions. Our team combines cutting-edge cloud strategies with a thorough understanding of contemporary IT infrastructures, making us an essential partner in any cloud journey. Our commitment to superior cloud solutions builds lasting trust with our clients, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the cloud era with InfraShift’s guidance.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Cloud Journeys: Stories of Success


InfraShift Solutions recently partnered with Absolent Group to elevate their cloud infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This collaboration focused on optimizing subscription management, enhancing security, and ensuring cost efficiency. Our tailored approach led to a streamlined, secure, and scalable Azure environment, setting a new standard in cloud computing for Absolent Group.


Discover Tower Properties' transformation with Azure DevOps, streamlining our real estate operations and enhancing client engagement. In partnership with InfraShift Solutions, we achieved operational excellence, cost optimization, and a collaborative agent culture, ensuring a superior client experience and a competitive market edge.


Discover how Hitech Finishing revitalized its competitive edge by migrating from an aging server estate to a modern cloud infrastructure. This success story highlights enhanced agility, significant cost savings, and the transformative power of a well-planned cloud migration in the fast-paced metal finishing industry.

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