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Receive guidance from our Azure cloud experts at every stage of your cloud adoption technology journey.

Crafting the Perfect Cloud Computing Strategy is Key

Numerous enterprises are transitioning from conventional IT frameworks to the cloud, keen on leveraging its unparalleled value. Whether you’re dipping your toes into cloud technologies or already sailing in its vast expanse, the right strategy is paramount.

With InfraShift Solutions at your side, fortified by profound knowledge and extensive industry insights, rest assured that your cloud foundation will epitomize operational brilliance.

Migration to the Azure Cloud isn’t just about transferring data or systems; it’s about transforming your business to be more adaptive and responsive. By leveraging the robust capabilities of the Azure Cloud, your enterprise can amplify its operational agility. This enhanced flexibility means you can respond more promptly to market fluctuations, tailor your strategies in real-time, and seize opportunities faster than your competitors. In an ever-evolving business landscape, such agility grants you a significant edge, positioning your business at the forefront of innovation and market responsiveness.

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Navigating the financial intricacies of cloud technology solutions can be complex, but with our vigilant oversight, it doesn’t have to be. We actively assist you in monitoring and managing your Azure Cloud expenses, ensuring transparency at every step. Our comprehensive reports and regular updates provide a clear snapshot of your spend, guaranteeing you’re always informed and never caught off guard. At every juncture, our commitment is to ensure your costs are predictable and optimized.

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The dynamic nature of Azure Cloud means it’s always advancing, offering new avenues to boost productivity and system prowess. Collaborating closely with you, we prioritize ensuring your solution is Well-Architected. By selecting the most apt services and configurations, we fine-tune your cloud setup for peak performance. Our mission? To ensure you harness the full potential of the Azure Cloud, driving both operational excellence and competitive advantage.

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Maximizing the potential of your Cloud requires the touch of adept specialists, often elusive in the vast realm of IT. With us, you’ll access a reservoir of expertise spanning cloud engineering, DevOps, security, data science, and machine learning. By tapping into these niche talents, we ensure that you’re not just using the Cloud, but optimizing every facet of its capabilities. Elevate your Multi Cloud experience by harnessing the very best in the field.

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Cloud Foundation

Successful cloud adoption starts with the right foundation

In Cloud by industry worldwide, companies are shifting from age-old IT systems to modern Cloud-based technologies. Our Cloud Foundation solution provides a robust platform that not only helps in curtailing risks but also in optimizing processes. This ensures you have an edge in managing expenses, making compliance straightforward, bolstering security measures, and hastening the delivery timeframe.

Get more from the Cloud with InfraShift's Cloud Foundation solution

Cloud Readiness

We evaluate your organisation's preparedness for the cloud and design a robust, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure tailored to your business needs.

Cloud Strategy & Economics

As your reliable cloud consultant, we ensure you stay at the forefront in the Cloud realm. Additionally, we offer integrated cost-effectiveness, efficient management, and timely billing notifications.

Cloud Security & Compliance

We prioritize thorough security measures to safeguard your data, offering complete encryption from start to finish. Furthermore, we handle ongoing compliance needs in line with required standards.

Cloud Automation & DevOps

We lay the groundwork for a DevOps-ready foundation, emphasizing infrastructure-as-code and automation. This approach empowers your business to deploy software utilizing cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies.

Cloud Operations

We construct a production-ready Cloud Foundation for you, equipped with foundational operational capabilities. Choose to manage it independently or opt for InfraShift's Managed Cloud Services.

Cloud Training

Even if your team hasn't acquired deep expertise or internal bandwidth yet, we guide you on the right trajectory and offer the essential cloud training your team requires.

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly Elevate to the Cloud with Confidence

InfraShift supports businesses like yours in confidently migrating to the cloud, covering data, workloads, and applications. Whether you’re a cloud novice or halfway through your journey, we provide comprehensive migration services, ensuring optimal performance, compliance, and cost management.

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, in-house infrastructure can limit growth. Transitioning away from legacy systems lets you leverage new cost models, modernize IT, and ensure your business remains agile and cost-efficient.

Get more from the Cloud with InfraShift's Cloud Migration approach

Cloud-Native Migration

InfraShift is capable of re-platforming your applications to fully harness the advantages of Cloud technologies right from the outset. This ensures that you can unlock the complete potential of the Cloud, including benefits in terms of cost, scalability, and reliability.

Migration as Code

Rather than merely migrating your virtual machines, the InfraShift Migration as Code solution constructs intelligent automated delivery pipelines and establishes a robust long-term operational framework. Our specialisation in server migration to Cloud platforms is exemplified through our proven track record of success.

Incremental & Agile Migration

InfraShift Solutions offers expert guidance in determining the most suitable migration strategy for your organisation. We work with you to efficiently achieve your goals, ensuring alignment and adaptability to evolving organisational requirements, all while focusing on delivering results-driven, long-term migrations.

Cloud Health Check

Diagnose, Optimize, and Thrive in the Cloud

InfraShift offers a Cloud Health Check which is a valuable assessment of your current cloud operations and architecture, aligning them with the latest industry best practices. This ensures optimal value from your public cloud investment.

We assist in evaluating your cloud workload using the latest industry techniques and offer comprehensive guidance to establish stable and efficient systems, allowing you to concentrate on operational needs.

Get more from the Cloud with InfraShift's Cloud Health Check solution

Cloud Reliability

Our services empower you with the capability to proactively prevent and swiftly recover from failures, ensuring your ability to meet both business and customer demands. Our Health Check service encompasses essential elements such as Cloud setup, cross-project requirements, recovery planning, and change management, providing a comprehensive approach to fortifying your cloud reliability

Cloud Performance & Efficiency

Our service is dedicated to optimizing efficiency throughout your IT and computing resources. We assist you in selecting the most suitable resource types and sizes according to your workload demands. By monitoring performance and providing insights, we empower you to make informed decisions that sustain efficiency, even as your business requirements evolve.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Our service is adept at uncovering unnecessary expenses within your cloud usage. We aid you in pinpointing and managing your expenditure, ensuring the optimal selection of resource types and quantities, analysing spending trends over time, and facilitating scalable adjustments to align with your business requirements, all while preventing unnecessary overspending.

Cloud Architecture & Design

Our service conducts a thorough assessment of your current architecture to enhance high availability, scalability, performance, and automation. We offer expert advice, guidance, and the implementation of best practices in cloud infrastructure and cloud-native architecture, which encompasses solutions like Microservices, Serverless, and more.

Cloud Operational Excellence

The InfraShift service empowers you to monitor systems effectively to deliver tangible business value. It guides you in the continuous improvement of processes and procedures, enabling better change management and automation, efficient response to events, and the establishment of standards that lead to successful daily operations management.

Cloud Automation

Collaborating closely with you, we streamline your deployment process and automate the coding of your infrastructure. Our commitment to ongoing improvement means we continuously refine our processes, leverage intelligent solutions, and harness new features to optimize your cloud operations.

Our customers trust us to keep their businesses secure, here’s why.

In the evolving landscape of UK cloud adoption, InfraShift stands as a vanguard of innovation and expertise. Leading enterprises lean on our proficiency, recognizing our adeptness at navigating the complexities of cloud transitions. With a fusion of visionary cloud strategies and a deep understanding of modern IT infrastructures, we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to guide in the cloud journey. Our unwavering dedication to excellence in cloud solutions fosters trusted relationships with our clients, who know that with InfraShift, they’re always one step ahead in the cloud era.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Cloud Journeys: Stories of Success

InfraShift Solutions recently partnered with Absolent Group to elevate their cloud infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This collaboration focused on optimizing subscription management, enhancing security, and ensuring cost efficiency. Our tailored approach led to a streamlined, secure, and scalable Azure environment, setting a new standard in cloud computing for Absolent Group.

Discover Tower Properties' transformation with Azure DevOps, streamlining our real estate operations and enhancing client engagement. In partnership with InfraShift Solutions, we achieved operational excellence, cost optimization, and a collaborative agent culture, ensuring a superior client experience and a competitive market edge.

Discover how Hitech Finishing revitalized its competitive edge by migrating from an aging server estate to a modern cloud infrastructure. This success story highlights enhanced agility, significant cost savings, and the transformative power of a well-planned cloud migration in the fast-paced metal finishing industry.

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