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The technology landscape has already evolved

We saw the global pandemic serve as a catalyst for change. An accelerated shift in the technology landscape that has brought about a digital imperative for all organisations. At the same time there is heighted expectations and scrutiny on transformation initiatives to deliver tangible value. So how do we respond to the imperative, overcome challenges of change, and deliver on expectations, all at the same time?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, organisations are striving to stay ahead of the curve. The cloud has become a cornerstone of this transformation, offering unparalleled advantages in scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. As more businesses recognize its potential, the race to migrate and innovate intensifies, making the digital landscape highly competitive.

However, we understand that the journey to the cloud security isn’t always straightforward. Legacy systems, outdated technologies, and accumulated technical debt can pose significant challenges, turning migration into a complex endeavour. These intricacies can hinder the swift and seamless transition that businesses envision.

At InfraShift Solutions, we are committed to guiding organisations through these complexities. Our team of experts specializes in assessing and addressing technical debt, ensuring that your cloud migration is not just successful, but also efficient and future-proof. With our comprehensive consultancy services, we pave the way for businesses to truly harness the power of the cloud, driving growth, innovation, and a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world. We provide the best cloud security solution for business.

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In the world of IT, static, traditional methods no longer hold the same value. The paradigm of infrastructure investments has evolved, transitioning from rigid, on-premises solutions to flexible, scalable, and cloud-based systems. This shift reflects the dynamic needs of contemporary businesses that prioritize agility, scalability, and resilience in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Yet, while the necessity for change is evident, the pathway to it can be clouded with uncertainties. Many organisations grapple with the challenge of initiating this transformation. Questions arise: Which technologies are the most fitting? How can legacy systems be effectively integrated or phased out? What strategies ensure both immediate returns and long-term sustainability?

At InfraShift Solutions, we demystify this journey. Our seasoned experts bring clarity to the complexities of modern infrastructure planning. Through tailored consultations, we guide businesses to discern and act upon the most beneficial infrastructure decisions. With our insights and strategies, organisations can confidently embark on their transformation, ensuring that their infrastructure investments are not just modern, but also strategically aligned with their vision and goals.

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The modern workplace is undergoing a transformative phase. Traditional office environments and 9-to-5 routines are giving way to more flexible, digital, and decentralized work models. Advances in technology, along with global challenges, have reshaped the ways our teams operate, communicate, and deliver results. The ethos of productivity now hinges on adaptability, connectivity, and innovation.

However, while the shift is clear, the roadmap to harnessing its full potential can be elusive. Organisations frequently find themselves at crossroads: How can one maintain team cohesion in decentralized setups? Which tools and platforms truly enhance remote collaboration? How does one strike the balance between flexibility and accountability?

At InfraShift Solutions, we specialize in decoding these modern productivity puzzles. Our team of experts delves into the unique challenges and aspirations of each organisation, crafting bespoke strategies that scale efficiency and foster a culture of high performance. Through our holistic approach, we empower businesses to seamlessly navigate the nuances of modern work dynamics, ensuring that productivity isn’t just maintained, but significantly enhanced in this new era of work.

cloud security solutions

In our digital age, the role of cybersecurity has never been more critical. With businesses embracing digital transformation and the proliferation of interconnected devices, the cyber landscape is expanding at an unprecedented rate. This expansion brings about immense opportunities, but equally significant vulnerabilities. As threats grow in complexity and frequency, the urgency to bolster cybersecurity defences intensifies.

Yet, the path to robust cybersecurity is fraught with challenges. Organisations often grapple with questions: How can we stay ahead of evolving cyber threats? What’s the best approach to balance high-level security with budget constraints? How can we resource and invest effectively in cybersecurity without diverting focus from our core business operations?

At InfraShift Solutions, we understand the intricacies of these challenges. Our team of cybersecurity specialists offers a blend of expertise, experience, and innovative solutions. We guide businesses in crafting a cybersecurity strategy that’s not just reactive, but proactive, ensuring that they are always a step ahead in this cyber chess match. With our guidance, organisations can make informed, strategic investments in cybersecurity, ensuring resilience without feeling the burden of resource and financial strain.

cloud security solutions

How InfraShift Solutions helps

Security posture hardening

How can we assist? As IT teams navigate the complexities of cloud deployments, it's not uncommon to settle for 'default' settings. This is particularly true with platforms like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, which come with numerous cloud security controls. Our expertise ensures you get the optimal configuration tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

How can we support you? Microsoft's robust Defender for Cloud security not only oversees your current cloud security stance but also offers potent defence against threats. Let us guide you in maximizing its potential for your business.

Security health checks

How can we be of service? Our cloud security specialists will assess your security setup and match it with our 'Secure by Design' blueprint to identify vulnerabilities. We'll then provide a clear 'RAG status' report, guiding you on the next steps.

Microsoft Sentinel

How can we guide you? Microsoft Sentinel stands as Microsoft's premier cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. It offers a comprehensive view of your security position by harnessing enriched signals and telemetry data from pertinent IT assets throughout your tech landscape

Key features

azure iac

With our suite of advanced cloud security solutions and dedicated expertise, we strive to provide an unmatched level of protection for your business in the dynamic cyber landscape. Trust in our commitment to safeguard your most critical digital assets.

Deployment and Support

Comprehensive Deployment and Support of the Selected CSPM Toolset

We provide seamless integration of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools into your existing infrastructure. With our expertise, we ensure that these tools, such as Azure Security Posture and Microsoft Defender for Cloud, are optimally configured to guard against threats, ensuring a robust defence mechanism tailored to your unique needs.

Access to Advanced Cloud Risk Portal

Utilize our intuitive cloud risk portal designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. This portal allows users to:

  • Conduct ad-hoc vulnerability scans, ensuring real-time threat identification.
  • Consume detailed reports that offer insights into the security health of your cloud ecosystem.

Risk Assessment with Renowned Frameworks

Our risk assessments are meticulously carried out in alignment with globally recognized frameworks from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Centre for Internet Security (CIS). Especially for platforms like Azure, we employ best practices and controls that guarantee a fortified cloud environment against a myriad of cyber threats.

Proactive Identification and Remediation

Leveraging tools like Security Health Checks and Microsoft Sentinel, our system proactively identifies resources that deviate from Azure’s best and time-tested practices. This ensures:

  • Rapid detection of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Prompt remediation to uphold the security integrity of your assets.

Our customers trust us to keep their businesses secure, here’s why.

As one of the UK’s foremost cybersecurity consultancies, enterprises consistently rely on us to fortify their defences against evolving cyber threats. Our avant-garde threat intelligence, combined with a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity, positions us at the forefront of protection. This commitment to innovation and excellence has fostered enduring partnerships with clientele, who confidently entrust us with the safeguarding of their most critical assets on a daily basis. Our secure cloud security solution is perfect to your business.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Cyber security customer success stories

InfraShift Solutions recently partnered with Absolent Group to elevate their cloud infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This collaboration focused on optimizing subscription management, enhancing security, and ensuring cost efficiency. Our tailored approach led to a streamlined, secure, and scalable Azure environment, setting a new standard in cloud computing for Absolent Group.

Discover Tower Properties' transformation with Azure DevOps, streamlining our real estate operations and enhancing client engagement. In partnership with InfraShift Solutions, we achieved operational excellence, cost optimization, and a collaborative agent culture, ensuring a superior client experience and a competitive market edge.

Discover how Hitech Finishing revitalized its competitive edge by migrating from an aging server estate to a modern cloud infrastructure. This success story highlights enhanced agility, significant cost savings, and the transformative power of a well-planned cloud migration in the fast-paced metal finishing industry.

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