Success Stories

Discover the feedback from InfraShift Solutions clients on how our Microsoft Cloud solutions have transformed their organizations.

InfraShift Solutions recently partnered with Absolent Group to elevate their cloud infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This collaboration focused on optimizing subscription management, enhancing security, and ensuring cost efficiency. Our tailored approach led to a streamlined, secure, and scalable Azure environment, setting a new standard in cloud computing for Absolent Group.

Discover Tower Properties' transformation with Azure DevOps, streamlining our real estate operations and enhancing client engagement. In partnership with InfraShift Solutions, we achieved operational excellence, cost optimization, and a collaborative agent culture, ensuring a superior client experience and a competitive market edge.

Discover how Hitech Finishing revitalized its competitive edge by migrating from an aging server estate to a modern cloud infrastructure. This success story highlights enhanced agility, significant cost savings, and the transformative power of a well-planned cloud migration in the fast-paced metal finishing industry.

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