of companies report increased security and compliance after adopting Microsoft 365 managed services


of users find improved collaboration and productivity with Microsoft 365 tools when managed professionally


of firms see significant time savings in IT management, allowing a greater focus on strategic initiatives.

Infrashift Solutions provided a thorough IT package, taking the time to grasp our immediate and future business requirements. The setup and ongoing support have been outstanding.

Stephen Iiles

Operations Manager

Infrashift Solutions delivered an all-encompassing IT service, carefully addressing our current and anticipated business demands. Furthermore, their installation and ongoing assistance have been exemplary. Best support providers in London!

Ranbir Sahota

Managing Director

Infrashift Solutions has provided an all-inclusive IT framework, carefully tailoring their approach to fit our present and future business needs. Moreover, their implementation and support have been exceptional.

MIhails Nikitins

IT Infrastructure manager



  • The Microsoft 365 environment includes over 40 apps and services, demanding considerable expertise and technical know-how. This complexity can make it challenging to deploy. Furthermore, the frequent updates to features and apps necessitate meticulous planning.
  • Microsoft 365 is continuously evolving into a network of interconnected products, which means the interdependencies between each product must always be taken into account.


  • Optimising apps is essential for protecting your end-users and their devices.
  • Ensuring user safety demands specialist security expertise along with proactive measures to minimize security threats.
  • While critical, security updates and antivirus management are often overlooked.

Maximising ROI:

  • Microsoft 365 features complex and extensive licensing bundles, and often, many features remain unused. Users may require assistance to understand licensing options, which can help manage and optimise costs more effectively.
  • Expert advice on how to best utilise Microsoft 365 and its features can enhance adoption and ensure you benefit fully from your investment.


Infrashift Solutions’ Microsoft 365 Management offering can help you maximize your Microsoft 365 investment. With three service options available, you can select the most suitable Microsoft 365 support level for your business’s specific IT needs. Choose from the Essentials package if you have in-house resources but occasionally need technical advice; the Enterprise package for regular access to guidance on monitoring and reporting; or the comprehensive Enterprise Plus package, which offloads the management of Microsoft 365 services to experts, covering everything from licensing and asset reporting to configuration and antivirus management. All these options are in addition to the Microsoft licensing costs and enhance the license package you have chosen.


For customers who have in-house resources yet require access to skilled technical resource for ad-hoc assistance



For customers who need access to skilled technical resource for ad-hoc assistance and regular guidance with regard to the Microsoft 365 configuration



For customers who would like to outsource the management of their Microsoft 365 services, transferring full responsibility for configuration and security to Infrashift

Enterprise Plus

Due to the complexity of Microsoft 365, the Enterprise Plus plan is divided into several distinct modules, allowing customers to select options on a bespoke basis. These modules are structured to correspond with the Microsoft 365 licensing model, ensuring simplicity.


Device Management
  • Intune


Core Platform Management
  • Admin Center
  • Entra ID & Destop Apps
  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive
  • Sharepoint
  • Teams


Compliance Management
  • Information Protection & Governance
  • Purview Insider Risk Management
  • Purview eDiscovery


Teams Voice
  • Teams Audio Conferencing
  • Teams Phone


Identity Management
  • Entra ID P1
  • Entra ID P2
  • Defender for Identity
  • Cloud Apps Security


Defender For Endpoint
  • Defender For Endpoint P1
  • Defender For Endpoint P2


Defender for Office365
  • Defender For Office 365 P1
  • Defender For Office 365 P2


Sharepoint Management
  • Sites Management
  • Entra ID & Destop Apps

Frequently asked questions?

What are the three main challenges faced when managing the Microsoft 365 environment?

The three main challenges faced when managing the Microsoft 365 environment with Infrashift Solutions are: navigating complexity, maintaining security, and maximising return on investment (ROI).

Navigating Complexity: The Microsoft 365 suite includes over 20 apps and services, which are frequently updated, often requiring specialised expertise for effective management. The suite’s packages can be intricate, with many features remaining underutilized.

Maintaining Security: It is essential to protect the environment and ensure the security of your end-users and devices. With the rise in cyber attacks, keeping your organisation safe and secure is critical to mitigate any potential downtime or risks to your brand reputation.

Maximising ROI: Microsoft 365 offers complex licensing bundles, and users often need guidance to choose the best option for their organisation and budget. Expert advice on how to optimally use Microsoft 365 and its features will foster adoption and maximize the benefits from your investments.

How can I measurably track the value I’m getting from my Microsoft 365 environment?

Our team of experts is here to assist you. Quantum 365 by Infrashift Solutions is a cloud-based, AI-powered, dashboard-operated tool that monitors your Microsoft 365 deployment to collect and analyse a wealth of real-time data. Using Quantum 365 provides you with complete visibility and insight, enabling you to identify which additional features of your existing Microsoft 365 environment you could utilize. Moreover, Infrashift Solutions can also manage these features for you once they are activated.

What are the support options Infrashift offers for Microsoft 365 Management?

We offer three tailored support options, allowing you to select the one that best fits your business needs. These options range from minimal involvement for simple reassurance to comprehensive support that handles everything for you. The level of support you choose will depend on your in-house expertise, workload, and internal priorities.

  • Supported Package: Ideal for businesses with in-house resources that occasionally need ad-hoc technical advice.
  • Co-Managed Package: Suitable for those requiring regular guidance on monitoring and reporting.
  • Fully Managed Package: This option offloads the entire burden of managing Microsoft 365 services to our experts, covering all aspects from licensing and asset reporting to configuration and antivirus management.
What are the benefits of outsourcing your Microsoft 365 Management?

Outsourcing your Microsoft 365 management comes with numerous advantages:

  • Maximise Investment: Ensures you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 environment to maximize your investment.
  • Free Up Resources: Frees up your internal resources, allowing you to concentrate on core business operations.
  • Access Expertise: Provides access to the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ensure your business is protected against any threats.
  • Increase Application Adoption: Promotes increased adoption of applications across your organization to achieve the best return on investment.
  • Maintain Security: Keeps your organisation safe and secure by utilizing the latest technology and staying updated with the latest patches and updates.

We offer a flexible approach to managing your Microsoft 365 environment, with a variety of enterprise-class support and management packages designed to meet different levels of support needs and budget requirements.

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