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Microsoft Defender for Office 365 secures the AAA Protection Award in SE Labs' email security evaluation. The accolade underscores Microsoft's commitment to delivering top-tier email protection against today's sophisticated cyber threats. Experience industry-leading security with Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft Azure's Incubations Team introduces Radius, a revolutionary open application platform optimized for the cloud. Led by Mark Russinovich, this open-source initiative enhances collaboration between developers and engineers across various platforms, promoting cost-efficiency, excellence, and security in cloud-native application management. Radius epitomizes Microsoft's dedication to open-source innovation and cloud transition.

Microsoft unveils AI and data analytics tools for health organizations, promising personalized patient care, enhanced data security, and accelerated research. This initiative, in collaboration with industry leaders, aims to address today's healthcare challenges and lay a foundation for future innovation.

Microsoft rebranded Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID and launched the Intune Suite in March 2023, to unify endpoint management and security solutions into a bundled offering

Microsoft 365 has introduced Copilot, which utilizes AI to enhance productivity. Copilot is integrated into various Microsoft 365 apps, and is aimed at aiding users in creating content and improving work efficiency.

Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) for Azure Disk Storage is now generally available on Azure Premium SSDs and Standard SSDs in Norway East and UAE North regions. Disks with ZRS provide synchronous replication of data across three availability zones in a region, enabling disks to tolerate zonal failures without causing disruptions to

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